Shortage of irrigation water in Pakistan is an inevitable truth. Amongst the 25 most populous countries in 2009, South Africa, Egypt and Pakistan are the most water limited nations.

Total actual renewable water resources in Pakistan will decreased as low as 550 cubic meters per capita per year by 2025 (Minimum limit to avoid being a water scarce country, is 1000 cubic meters per capita).

Pakistan uses 97% of the fresh water for Agriculture, with efficiency less than 50%. Pakistan need High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS) which has efficiency higher than 85%.

We specifically deals in agriculture irrigation for row crops, field crops, orchards, tunnel farming and in urban landscape irrigation for turf and ornamental plants.

With an aim to offer alternatives and optimizing the use of available scarce natural resources of water, Eminent Engineering Pvt Ltd has introduces High Efficiency Irrigation System under brand name of EMECOP™ HEIS.

We have a team of experienced and trained professionals to offer turnkey solutions to field issues in Agriculture and landscape irrigation.

World renowned manufacturers of High Efficiency Irrigation System are our principals, like, Rainbird from USA, AZUD from Spain, Bauer from Austria, Komet from Italy, AL Wasal from KSA, and Automat from India.