Our Businesses

Drip Irrigation System

  • Drip irrigation for Plants in pots
  • Drip irrigation for Flowers beds
  • Under tree Micro Sprinklers for orchard
  • Over head Mini Sprinklers for orchards
  • Drip Irrigation for Young Orchards
  • Bubbler Irrigation System for Orchards
Man is slave to water

Main areas of human water use are Agriculture, Industries, and domestic. It is estimated that world wide about 85% of total human water consumption is used in agriculture for food production. Agriculture (Irrigation) is utilizing water with efficiency not greater than 50%. Water is dimensioning day by day.

Great care is to taken to let our coming generations quench their thirst. We need to focus on irrigation water use and must try to increase application efficiency.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • For Golf Courses, Parks, Play Grounds, and Home Lawns
  • Raingun Irrigation System for Play Grounds, Golf Courses, Parks
  • Domestic Sprinkler with easiest connection and simple operation
  • Portable Raingun System for field crops
Water is dimensioning day by day

Great care is to taken to let our coming generations quench their thirst. We need to focus on irrigation water use and must try to increase application efficiency.

EMECOP Sprinkler Irrigation System has an efficiency greater than 75% with uniformity well over 85%. In Sprinkler Irrigation Systems we offers:


  • Sod provision
  • Turf Provision
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Fruit Trees
  • Seasonal, Annual Flowers
  • Pathways
First Impression is the Last Impression

Buffer unwanted views, increase oxygen production for healthy brain, lower cost of cooling and heating, increase the aesthetic and market value of your property with EMECOP Landscaping.

Solar Tube Well

  • Imported and Local Solar Electric Panels
  • Imported charge controllers
  • Frames for solar panels with all sort of wiring
  • Frames for solar panels with all sort of wiring
  • After sale services at door step, fast and reliable
Water is the most important ingredient of plant growth and hence for food production

Due to shortage of canal irrigation water in Pakistan, annual growth of electricity and diesel tube Wells is 6.7% and 7.4% respectively.

This number is very alarming, as electricity and diesel prices are raising with rapid speed, day by day. Apart from high rates, long and unscheduled electricity loadshading and scarce availability of diesel in remote area, make the situation very critical.

Solar Electric System

  • Solar Home Lights/Tube Rods
  • Solar Electric Panels
  • Flooded/Dry Batteries
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Solar Fridge/Deep Freezers
  • Solar Washing Machines and much more
In age of modernism, life with out electricity is out of question

We are in great need of electricity for lightning, cooling, heating, ventilation, and much more. With the passage of time electricity demand is increasing day by day with raise in tariff as well.

Seeing the raising prices and scarce availability in country, especially in remote areas, Eminent Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has started Solar Electric System under brand name of EMECOP Solar. We deals in offering alternative to grid electricity for almost all known daily use appliances.

Solar Heating System

  • Simplest Form, having water tank and solar collector
  • Different Types are Available
  • Work under pressure, results in fast heating and high water temperature
  • Very efficient, reliable
Sun is at our disposal, why not to utilize this to our full advantage

Why spend money on electricity or natural gas for water heating, why not do it free of cost.

Eminent Engineering Pvt Ltd provide heating system under brand name of EMECOP Solar. We have different type of solar water heater with different capacities. We offers:

  • Non Pressurized Water Heaters (Geyser)
  • Pressurized Water Heaters (Geyser)

Potable & Irrigation Water Filtration

  • Screen filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Disk Filters
  • Centrifugal Filters
Water filtration is important for all irrigation systems

Filters can help extend the life of, and lower the maintenance on sprinkler systems. For drip systems they are a necessity to prevent emitters from becoming plugged.

Even if small sand particles can pass through your system without clogging it, they cause wear on the equipment. Automatic valves contain very small water passageways in them which can become plugged resulting in the valve failing to either open or close.

Agriculture Boosts food production

  • Boosts food production
  • Help crops for a proper nourishment
  • Removes water deficiency if there is any insufficient rainfall
  • Improves the yield of crops
  • Lowers the temperature in the locality
Water though precious, is one of the scarce resources required for food production in the world

There are actually two popular Agriculture irrigation methods that are being used today. The first is the Agriculture drip irrigation method and the other is the Agriculture sprinkler irrigation method.

Each method has its advantages and with proper customization contributes greatly to the conservation of water through near complete elimination of excessive spillage and water waste.