Our Services


  • High Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Solar Tube Wells
  • Solar Electric and Heating System
  • Potable and Irrigation Water Filtration
  • Tunnel Farming
Eminent Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides independent expertise in different engineering fields.

Our consultancy department is consist of well known experts in their respective fields. We offer Consultancy Services in the fields of Irrigation and solar energy.

Engineering Designs

  • Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System for Agriculture and Landscape
  • Solar Electric and Heating System
  • Solar Tube Wells
Development of best and long lasting product starts with skill full designing.

Achieving a good design is like building a house that is acceptable to every one, good looking, long lasting, and having capacity to extend further for future needs and yet economical.

Professional Development Courses & Training

  • Drip Irrigation System Designs
  • Sprinkler Irrigation System Designs
  • Solar Electric System Designs
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Fertigation and Chemigation
You have gone through all check points, and finally got the degree or have hired the employee, you think is best for you.

Mission Accomplished…. Well Done… You deserve appreciations. But its not enough, pad up for the new journey or you will be behind other colleagues or competitors. Same is the case with professional with years of experience.