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UP TO 85% Irrigation Efficiency


High Efficiency Irrigatopn Systems

Efficient Use of Water Resources

Increase Crops Yield to the Maximum


Drip Irrigation Systems

Highly Efficient Irrigation Systems

UP TO 85% Irrigation Efficiency


Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Increased Agricultural Production

Greener and Prosperous Pakistan


Agricultural Irrigation Systems


Welcome to Rabail Technologies! A Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Provider Company.

A place where we encourage you to dream and our professionals make your dreams come true.

Rabail Technologies (Brand of Eminent Engineering Pvt. Ltd) is a multi-functional Irrigation & Solar Services provider company.  It take cares of  Urban Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, and Agriculture Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation System. It also offers Solar Electric System, and Solar Tube Well. We also offer  Consultancy Services and Professional Development Courses and Training.

We have team of qualified and experience professionals lead by the country well known experts in their respective fields.

Our Philosophy

We are striving to establish leadership in our business at national level through customer excellence.

Our mission at Eminent Engineering is to contribute in the economic growth and social development of our country by:

Profitably providing simple, economical high-value products and services that promote the intelligent use of irrigation water and the environmental benefits of renewable energy.

Achieving customers’ satisfaction by exceeding their expectations.

Being a responsible employer respected by employees and the community.

Enabling employees to be the best they can be.

We Do It Prominently.

Engineering Designs

Engineering Designs

Development of best and long lasting product start with skill full designing. Achieving good design is like building a house. It should be acceptable to every one, good looking, long lasting, and having capacity to extend further...


Eminent Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provide independent expertise in different engineering fields. Our consultancy department is consist of well known exerts in their respective fields. We offers Consultancy Services in...
Professional Development Courses & Training

Professional Development Courses & Training

Continuing professional development or training is very important to be competent in your field of operations. This learning process kept on going till end of your...

Our Values

Embrace Change

We support and encourage innovation to meet our evolving needs.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


We create positive relationships through mutual respect between our employees and customers.

Health and Safety

The well being and safety of our employees, customers and community is one of our primary values.


We will be accountable, transparent and ethical in everything we do.

Team Work

Teamwork empowers our performance and ability to achieve objectives.


Celebrate our small success in the journey, to motivate and to achieve big.

Muhammad MateenHortilinks
Regarding Drip & Sprinkler irrigation system, no body knows more than Eminent Engineering Pvt Ltd.
Muhammad AmirTechnical Associates
Eminent Engineering installed drip irrigation on my land. “I agree they do it prominently”.

3 Steps Speedy & Efficient Irrigation Services

Meeting & Planning

Professional & qualified staff will arrange a meeting to know which product or service you are looking for

Design & Installation

Our experienced engineers design and install an economical system which is best at its performance

Test Run & Delivery

System is tested from all aspects and handed over after satisfactory performance.